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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Digi Aye?

Our YouTube channel filled up quite nicely over our first few months and we've recently added a few more videos to the channel this year. It's a nice mixture of audio/visual treats. Some of the artists make the videos themselves (in the case of Chairman Cow and get-effect) and the other videos have been produced and edited by label head and founder, Fragile X.

There's been an idea floating around recently that involves branching out and making the visual side of things have a wee bit more of a "standalone" idea so we're assigning all our videos from now on under the "Digi Aye" moniker. There will still be scope for our artists to make their own videos, encouraging creativity is at our core after all, but all videos appearing on our channel will now fall under the "Digi Aye" label. Think of it as a sub-collective, purely for the visual side of things. A collective within the collective. We'll be looking to add to the "Digi Aye" side of things by working with people who specialize in glitch, fractal and colourful elements. It's an exciting project and one that should provide another layer to Bricolage.

Our newest audio/visual and the first to fall under "Digi Aye" is a video for the Oscurito track "Octopus".

It'll premiere on our YouTube channel tomorrow night.

His atmospheric techno EP was released at the turn of the year. Stream it in full and grab your free download below.

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