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Monday, 29 February 2016

Roy Or Bison? 'Barmecide' (bc010)

Today we put out our tenth release. It's a leap year EP from "Roy Or Bison?" containing four lo-fi electronic escapades.


illusory or imaginary and therefore disappointing.
a person who offers benefits that are illusory or disappointing.

"Barmecide" is a swerve from "RoB?"s last outing on Bricolage. His "Night Vision" track was more on the eerie ambient and drone side of things. 'Barmecide' shows that he's capable of downing the darker and harsher tools in favour of creating more "accessible" sounds. This is "Roy Or Bison?" embracing the playful side of electronica. Intricate little loops, glitched out melodies and scattered drum beats all soaked in reverb and effect. It's a welcome addition to our discography. Some keen followers may recognise the closing track "The Breakfast Show" from our second various artists compilation last November, on which RoB? contributed. The other tracks are "Wanaetheywans" (one of those ones for non-Scottish people) , a funky minutes of an evolving glitchy bassline and prickly drums. "Eidetician" is a more slighly fleshed out affair, melodic layers building up and culminating in a whispy, almost electric sounding ending and "Stratagem", a full on tribute and experiment with electronic beats and time signatures.

You can stream and download a copy for free below or at our bandcamp.

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