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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Bricolage Showcase

Last week we posted about our friend and label supporter Mark Shields reaching 100 episodes of his Monday Graveyard radio show/podcast. A real milestone and a gem of a show to go with it. Episode 101 of the Monday Graveyard is also a very special episode as far as Bricolage is concerned. Mark very kindly gave us the opportunity to have a full hour to ourselves....

We're proud to be able to present a mix made up exclusively of music from our members. It's an hour that consists of just some of the unique music that we've released in our first 6 months. It manages to encapsulate what the label and collective is all about. A diverse selection spanning the electronic genres. The hour long show was curated and mixed by, label head, Fragile X and features some of his own music alongside Subsequent, Kure, Intl. Debris, Hiramatsu Toshiyuki, Slow Deep Breath, get-effect, The Next Commuter, Roy Or Bison?, Oscurito and H.ICH. There's ambient, vaporwave, some dub, shoegazed tinged electronics, glitch, drones, darkness, guitars and, of course, what better way to round it off then some techno. 
Thanks go to Mark for allowing us the chance to showcase some of our sounds on his show. Be sure to check out his blog and the shows Twitter account for more info on future shows and his general online escapades. Stream the mix in full below or at The Monday Graveyard mixcloud.

Tracklisting in full is as follows:
  1. Subsequent - Smallbatch 
  2. Kure - Moon Acid 
  3. Intl. Debris - Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift Part 1 
  4. Hiramatsu Toshiyuki - Mountain Call 
  5. Slow Deep Breath - The Crow Pheasant 
  6. get-effect - No One Leaves Here Empty Handed 
  7. Fragile X - Amygdala (Lo-Jacker remix) 
  8. The Next Commuter - A Dozen Paces 
  9. Roy Or Bison? - Night Vision 
  10. Oscurito - Octopus 
  11. H.ICH - Ladyland Part II (Mental Mix) 
  12. Alan Watts
  13. Fragile X - Theory Of Colour

    And don't forget, you can download the majority of the music featured in this mix from the Bricolage bandcamp site free of charge.

    Stay tuned next weekend for a special blog post that details the beginnings of Bricolage.

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