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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

In The Loop : Episode 11

Our first "In The Loop" episode of 2016 is a bumper edition with lots to catch up on from the tail end of 2015 and the start of 2016.

First up is a fresh track from International Debris."Glass Tower" is a cut from the upcoming album 'Curtain Moon'. It's a mixture of hard vaporwave and modern garage style drums. You can grab a free download of it on Soundcloud.

A fortnight or so ago, there was also "A Song" uploaded by Ross. Literally, a song. It's a 20 year old mash up type effort (circa 1996) that has a strange and certain appeal to it. Listen below.


Next up is Fragile X, to round off 2015, the Bricolage founder wrote and recorded a song inspired by synesthesia called "Theory of Colour". It's an experimental techno/electronic affair that was created in the space of one late December afternoon. Chunky rhythms, a huge melodic breakdown and Alan Watts samples are at the forefront.


On the subject of Fragile X.....any followers of his mixcloud account may well be aware of his long running Cult Zer0es mix series. The last 3 or 4 sessions have saw guest mixes from some of his musical friends and Volume 17 is no different. He's recruited fellow Bricolage label mate Lo-Jacker to provide a follow up of sorts to his inaugural Bricolage podcast from September 2015. It's another hour full of choice electronic cuts put together in the fun style of Lo-Jackers mixing techniques.


January saw Kure make a very important announcement or two....

"One Very Important Announcement" and "Dreamliner" are quality returns to SC for the Danish experimentalist. They offer a sneak preview into his vision of a "new Jet Age". Stay tuned for more.


Towards the end of last year, Glass Mammoth uploaded a few new tracks. One of the stand outs from them was the tribal chillout of "Zen". With it's rolling percussion and blissed out melodies providing a melancholic meditative landscape to get lost in.


As mentioned before on this blog, jazzdefector is a constant source of musical output and 2016 has started no differently for him. No less than 5 new instrumentals have made their way on to his Soundcloud this past month. My personal favourites are the the ambient canvas of "3 +hree" and the beautifully constructed "Einsteins Blackboard" which was inspired by a visit to the Museum of the History of Science.


Merrimans Ghost is another artist who has some seriously regular musical output. One of his latest offerings was the intriguing "Delirium Tremens". Full of wistful arpeggios and soft delay. It's a late night track to drift off with.


Last but not least, last months Headroom mix from "Roy Or Bison?" is now available for free download to take on the go with you. You may remember our blog post from last month where we outlined our new download host website for all our mixes,  Our mixes are still exclusively uploaded to Mixcloud but will appear on there ( for free download. Our full catalogue is available on there now and Headroom 02 is the latest addition. It's a head melting, genre mashing 2 hour trip that's bound to stretch your skulls a little....

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