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Saturday, 26 September 2015

In The Loop : Episode 1

"In The Loop" is a new section that we're starting up that will keep you up to date with what our members are up to inside and outside of the collective.

First things first, our debut podcast, that came courtesy of Lo-Jacker at the start of the month, is now available for a free download. It was previously only available for streaming at our mixcloud account. But as of today you can stream AND download it over at our new podomatic account. The same process will be in place for our future podcasts. They'll spend a week or two being exclusive to mixcloud and will then become available for DL at podomatic.

So tuck in and grab your download of Lo-Jackers melody laden mix and take it with you on your phone or mp3 player.

Our resident French techno wizard H.ICH has been busy creating more beats recently. A few weeks ago he dropped a new track of his "Holy Tresor" over on his soundcloud page. Anybody that knows of or has been to Tresor nightclub in Berlin will know what to expect from the title alone......ferocious, dark, relentless techno.

There's also a neat remix cut from A6DE that's been doing the rounds over the last few days.

Both tracks are more than worth a listen.


get-effect has also been quite busy recently. He's just released a new EP called "Trick Ladders" on Vanguardista Records. It's a journey into his take on the krautrock side of things. Think precision timing riffs and beats bathed in ambient synths. You can get a copy of the 5 track EP here.

Have a listen below to "Ya Pari" from the new EP to get a feel for the sounds he's masterfully created.


Jazz Defector has always had a very prolific output and recent times have been no different than his usual standards. His soundcloud page is choc-a-bloc with some new ambient gems. The last 3 weeks has saw him release chapters 4, 5 and 6 of his "Lost In Silence" experiments among a few other newbies.

Here's a couple of my favourites.


There'll be another "In The Loop" episode early next week that will shed some light on other artists and what they've been upto. There's also some news coming soon with regards to some future Bricolage releases and some potential new members.

Stay posted.

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