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Saturday, 4 January 2020

Random Access Radio : Bricolage (The 2019 Reminisce Mix)

We're back after a short break over the Christmas period. Refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to dive into 2020. Before we get the ball rolling with an album and a podcast from the Lying Cat, lets take a look back at the year that was in 2019 with a reminiscing mix put together for our friends at Random Access Radio in Greece. This exclusive mix includes at least one track from each of our releases from last year and also offers a sneak peek into the first couple of new releases coming in 2020. This includes the aforementioned mind altering Lying Cat album, sparse and futuristic techno from Urgula and a stunning epic double release from Minimal_Drone*GRL.

You can stream the mix at RAR or below.


01. Minimal_Drone *GRL - Belcarra Forest Ambience (forthcoming in 2020)
02. Leit Motif - Bloom (June 2019)
03. Dark Fidelity Hi Fi - Found (July 2019)
04. Dark Fidelity Hi Fi - Pushing Ratios (June 2019)
05. Fragile X - Phase System (May 2019)
06. No Arrival - Play (February 2019)
07. Sceadu - Imaginary Reign (January 2019)
08. Broken Form - Lay Still Beneath The Pylons (August 2019)
09. Lying Cat - The Dull Tedium Of This.... (forthcoming in 2020)
10. Belial Pelegrim - Scorpia (November 2019)
11. Sceadu - Embryo (January 2019)
12. Justin Case - #Ulysses (August 2019)
13. Urgula - Battle For The Magnetic Fields (forthcoming in 2020)
14. Ty Lumnus - Tolerances (September 2019)
15. Loui Cleghorn - The Halcyon Days (March 2019)
16. Devras Plexi - Orangeforest (August 2019)
17. Yasda - Claptrap (December 2019)

All of the above tracks can be found at the labels bandcamp page.

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