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Monday, 23 December 2019

Release Round Up For 2019

2019 was a creative and productive year at Bricolage...

Sceadu "Once Upon A Future"

We started the year off with apocalyptic ambient soundscapes and frenetic drum n bass on "Once Upon A Future" from the man in the shadows, Sceadu. You can grab the full EP here.


No Arrival "Subvert Yourself"

No Arrival returned to Bricolage and brought more digital disorder with him. "Subvert Yourself" is crammed full of his signature rhythmic work and chaotic electronic hybrids. You can grab the full EP here.


Loui Cleghorn "Fortysomething"

"Fortysomething" from Loui Cleghorn contained two dark and broody electronica epics. Layers and melodic hooks galore create a hypnotic feel. It came backed with two hand picked, suitably esoteric, remixes from Devras Plexi and Belial Pelegrim. The release garnered support and airplay from DJ duo Kiara Scuro among many others. Grab your copy here.


Fragile X "The Butterfly Effect"

Label head Fragile X produced a network of complex percussion and an array of splintered sound design on his concept EP, "The Butterfly Effect". Born of a fascination with the chaos theory branch of mathematics this release was also the labels first ever cassette release. You can snag one of the last remaining copies here.


Leit Motif "Bloom"

"Bloom" is a celebration of the summer solstice from Leit Motif. A standalone single that runs at 14 minutes long. It wraps you up in a warm haze of sunshine and melodies. Grab your copy here.


Dark Fidelity Hi Fi "Gentle Static Flow"

In anticipation of the imminent DFHF album "Found" we delivered a reissue of his sought after "Gentle Static Flow" CD from 2018. Warm, nostalgic and engaging trip hop and glitchy ambient tones. We repackaged the digital version to include the previously unreleased track "Pushing Ratios". You can grab your copy here.


Dark Fidelity Hi Fi "Found"

After an intense period of hyper creativity Dark Fidelity Hi Fi released the "Found" album in July. A glitch masterpiece full of glistening ambient, IDM, breaks, dub and trip hop that build a textutal labyrinth of sound. Available digitally and on CD format. Few copies remain. Grab yours here.


Devras Plexi and Justin Case "Lotus Eaters"

"Lotus Eaters" brought together two producers from different ends of the spectrum and the world. Local Glasgow boy, Justin Case, provided the obtuse electro/IDM/techno with a knack for warped and bugged out structures. This was counteracted by the dynamic and gloopy sound palette of Austin native, Devras Plexi. Both colourful and glitchy. All those ingredients made for an effervescent split EP. You can grab it here.


0141 "Glasgow Compilation"

'0141' was our nod to our home city. Glasgow's underground electronic scene is bursting at the seems with all manner of artists and sounds. We managed to bring a posse of them together and deliver a diverse collection of music on this compilation. It ranges from ambient to techno and everything in between. The revenue from this album is being donated to the staff at the ICU in the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank. There's still time to contribute before we hand over the money. Get your copy here.


Ty Lumnus "Decompression"

September saw dusky tonal experiments and and analogue electronics from Ty Lumnus on the "Decompression" EP. Four tracks of spiralling cosmic sounds and sonic decay. Experimental techno from the experienced Glasgow producer. Grab your copy here.


Belial Pelegrim "Imitation Of Faith"

The electronic wizard that is Belial Pelegrim conjured up a mystical offering of dark matter and and sense altering soundscapes on his "Imitation Of Faith" album. These self described "electro organic" gems are also available on a special limited edition cassette release that comes with a hidden bonus track exclusive from the digital version. You can grab your copy here.


Yasda "Spektrum"

Our last release of the year sees, Hungarian producer, Yasda take every day sounds and turns them into unique little standalone worlds. Curious compositions full of perplexing rhythms and frayed textures on this beautifully strange collage of found sounds. Grab your copy here.


2020 is shaping up to every bit as eclectic and productive at Bricolage. Stay tuned for updates as we move into a new decade....

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