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Friday, 1 June 2018

Bricolage Podcast #34 - Arran Trax

For our first podcast of the summer we've snagged a hefty slice of refined electronics from, a man very much in demand at the moment, Arran Trax.

We've got a brand new EP arriving at the end of this month from the Hamburg based producer known predominantly for his massively melodic house and disco excursions but with an undeterred love for all things acid and electro. His upcoming release on Bricolage sees him return to those roots in stunning fashion and we're excited to start unveiling some more of the sounds in the coming weeks.

In anticipation of his new release, Arran Trax, has provided Bricolage with a robust 70 minutes where he wears his influences firmly on his sleeve with a surging set of old school electro vibes, Detroit Techno grooves, acid waves and winding, complex structures weaved together with extensive track layering. A truly captivating set full of deep and cultured sounds that are perfect for the summer evenings that lie ahead.

You can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.


  • 1Crossing Point by S.A. Fred
  • 2Robotnik by Lou Karsh
  • 3Corona Discharge by All Buttons In
  • 4Telecom (Commuter remix) by Shit Japens
  • 5Earhart by No Arrival
  • 6Fade and Dagger by Akasha System
  • 7Swab Funk by Ceephax Acid Crew
  • 8Geisterstunde by Arran Trax
  • 9Clickbait by Rhyw
  • 10The Cave by Blue Notes
  • 11On The Day Of My Suggested Departure by Belial Pelegrim
  • 12Phase Shift by C.T. Schiller
  • 13Limbosoup (Fit Seigel remix) by Orla
  • 14Broke The Cycle by Hugo Massien
  • 15Rise Above by Elektric Surgery
  • 16Gamma Gulch by Mor Elian
  • 17Reason by ATTHA
  • 18Many Cats by The Oscilloscope
  • 19Suspension of Disbelief by Versalife
  • 20Andromeda Signal by Hugo Massien
  • 21Televisor by Xenia Beliaveya
  • 22Tactic by La-4a
  • 23Camcorder (Larionov remix) by Tuneon
  • 24Bow Down by Robert Babicz
  • 25Morgenlicht by Arran Trax

There's still the chance to enter the remix competition for the "Morgenlicht" track and get yourself featured on the new Arran Trax release. The EP is out on the 25th of June with the competition closing on the 10th of June. The winner will be announced on the 17th. Grab the stems below and get creative.

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