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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Random Access Radio : Bricolage (Label Showcase)

We're proud to unveil a collaboration with the influential online hub Random Access Radio in the form of our first mix for their eclectic musical community.

We took the opportunity to make a label showcase of sorts that covers the various spectrums of electronic music and in doing so spans the history of the label from the early days through to our most current releases. We're also excited to be able to reveal a few as yet unreleased tracks that will be released on Bricolage over the summer and autumn. You can get a pre-release listen to 'Limestone Phosphenes' from the the upcoming Supply Fi EP (30/4/18) alongside an acidic weapon from Arran Trax and a slice of hard hitting techno from Boom Merchant that drops as part of our first vinyl release later this year. Full tracklisting is at the bottom of the page or find more info at the RAR website.

Massive love and thanks go to all the crew at Random Access Radio for the opportunity to spread our sounds on their platform.


 1. Colab - Small Cuts (bc027)
 2. Kure - Moon Acid (bc001)
 3. Alpha Skies - Evergreen Morning (bc011)
 4. Supply Fi - Limestone Phosphenes (unreleased)
 5. Subsequent - Smallbatch (bc001)
 6. Fragile X - Amygdala {Lo-Jacker remix} (Special New Year 2016 release)
 7. Black Lupus - Fractal Particles (bc027)
 8. Devras Plexi - Recovery (bc034)
 9. Leit Motif and Jaffa Kid - Eehran (bc029)
10. Ix Prospectum - Telescope (bc024)
11. Sunn Boo - Ladyland Pt. 2 (bc001)
12. Boom Merchant - Steam Roller (unreleased)
13. Arran Trax - Morgenlicht (unreleased)
14. Belial Pelegrim and Dark Fidelity HiFi - Numbers In The Mirror (bc029)

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