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Thursday, 1 March 2018

(I'm Dreaming Of A) Severe Weather Warning

The last few days has seen most of the UK hit by an unprecedented snow storm and so it seems the dreams of one our artists, Mute Branches, may have came true.....

Back in winter 2015 we released a compilation titled “The Longest Night”. For that specific release we asked some of our roster to produce a track that personified what the winter solstice meant to them. James Cresswell aka Mute Branches contribution was “(I’m Dreaming Of A) Severe Weather Warning”. That track seems relevant today given the current weather circumstances so we’ve decided to give the track its own little visual of sorts with a timelapse walk through a snow soaked Glasgow Green and the Gorbals streets....

Music by Mute Branches
Video by Fragile X

To stream/download a full version of the track head to our bandcamp.

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