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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

In The Loop : Episode 19

In The Loop Episode 19 takes a look at what some of the artists we've released through the label have been upto recently.

First we turn our attention to serial beat maker, Lo-Jacker. His most recent uploads include a phenomenal remix of the HEALTH track "Crusher" that gets the complete Lo-Jacker make over. There's also new track "Infinite Latitude" with it's hypnotic beat and swirling pads and to round it off, the track "In Media Res" that was written for Piano Day 2017. Listen to them all below.


Since their "Fifteen Minutes Of Fame" release back in October, 'futurendeavours' have kept their collective production head quite low. There's more in the pipeline coming soon but for now wrap your ears round the skittering drums and dubby groove of "Beatroot".


The next few weeks will see the release of two International Debris albums, "Myosphere" and "Seltrac" on No Problema Tapes and Third Kind Records, respectively.

Listen exclusively below to "Grotesk" from the Seltrac release and also another recent upload, the beautiful and haunting "Rexta".


The latest Sunn Boo sounds are as raw and hard hitting as ever,

The demo of  "6 Dogs Against Me" is a sneak preview of the bulky techno that the young Frenchman has been building away at.

Meanwhile, "ra-w line" provides a more melodic line of work with a slightly spiritual edge.


"True Devotion" sees Bedless Bones cast her spell by conjuring up a powerful and stirring piece of emotive darkwave. Allowing her vocals to soar over an intriguing concoction of sounds.


The Oscilloscope never disappoints and his latest uploads are yet more proof of his finger drumming genius and knack for supplying weird, glossy, acidic sound patterns. Check out "When You Draw" and "Warm Calm" below.


Bricolage alumni, Bloempot, released his debut 12" (For The Deaf) on the Disposable Commodities label last month.

Prepare to enter an all-devouring tornado of dissonant machine rumblings, well-rounded melody and thunderous percussions billowing out in toxic black smokes"

Read more on the release @ Inverted Audio.


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