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Monday, 17 April 2017

Headroom 09 : Fragile X presents "Voight-Kampff"

Label head, Fragile X, returns with his first mix for Bricolage in just over a year. His last offering was the April 2016 podcast full of progressive sounds and breakbeats with a slightly cinematic vibe. This time out, with 2 hours to play with, the cinematic elements have been turned up full with a sci-fi themed mix inspired by cyberpunk, neo-noir and dystopian films and novels, mainly the Philip K Dick classic, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" aka Blade Runner. This particular listening session is a trip through your consciousness via a hybrid of carefully chosen breathtaking ambient soundscapes, cuts n clicks, dark drones, broken beat experiments and film samples. The mix almost plays out into separate scenes, with moments of calm and serenity counteracted by futuristic techno and crumbling, uniquely designed, industrial audio landscapes. There's a consuming visual element to the mix that is outlined by it's unusual drifting between lights and shadows. Get yourself comfortable, put on your headphones and let your imagination flow.

As always you can stream the session below or over on our mixcloud.


1. Rick Deckard "I Dreamt Music"
2. Oval - Do While (X)
3. Katsuhiro Chiba - Elegant Slope
4. Way of Tea - Aranyani
5. Pact Infernal - Circle IX (Treachery)
6. Gridlock  Edit364
7. Kattoo - Place 7
8. Hazcauch - 0001
9. Leon Kowalski's Voight-Kampff Test
10. Hazcauch - Scept
11. Pessimist - Paian
12. mmph - Sun God
13. Synkro - Lunar Cycle (Phase 1)
14. Prayer - Without You
15. Roy Batty "It's Not An Easy Thing To Meet Your Maker"
16. Bwana - Vveding
17. Protector 101 - Runners
18. Spectrums Data Forces - Devastation
19. C-System - Poison
20. Headless Horseman - The Day She Vanished
21. Pessimist - The Empty House
22. Condensed Utopia - In Fine Aeternam
23. Plastikman - Ask Yourself
24. Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix)
25. Pendulum - Coma
26. Jim Morrison "Do You Know We Exist?"
27. SE - No Need For Voices
28. Roy Batty "...Like Tears In The Rain"

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