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Monday, 12 September 2016

Loui Cleghorn "Waterworks" (bc017)

Bricolage is proud to present the "Waterworks" EP from Loui Cleghorn. Two diverse and pristinely produced tracks full of translucent melodies amid a fusion of progressive synth work and layered percussion. Harmonies that provide splashes of colour weave in and out of carefully produced atmospherics to give a the listener an ever evolving experience. The EP comes backed up by two remixes of the title track. "Lo-Jacker" provides us with his take on things through his unique electronica style which he's managed to marry perfectly into the feel of the original and then "subsequent" flips the track on its head to give us a more experimental edge on things with his 'wrecked dub' version.
You can stream and download the EP in full below or at our bandcamp. As always it's free or PWYW.

Original artwork photography by the superbly talented Hege Wam.

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