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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Introducing The Collective 40 and 41

It's finally time for us to unveil a little bit more about the latest artists onboard Bricolage. Loui Cleghorn and futurendeavours are the two we are focusing on with this post. You've already had a little taster of what they bring to the table sound wise through podcasts and in Loui's case, an EP release, but this blog entry acts as more of a formal introduction to the people behind the music.


Loui is an accomplished and experienced electronic producer from Glasgow, specialising in sprawling, melodic house and techno creations. We're lucky to have him release with us here at Bricolage, there's no shortage of suitors that would be after material as polished and pristine as he provides with each production. His previous personal discography includes tracks and EPs on labels such as TraumBullfinchResopal and Animate Dummy.

As well as the production side of things, Loui also DJs regularly in and around Glasgow and can be found playing live on the last Friday of ever month at his resident slot in Flat 0/1 in Glasgow. There's also his monthly 7AM club night to look forward to at the same venue.

In July of this year, Loui put together a 2 hour mix for our Headroom series that spans through a selection of some of his favourite tracks of the moment. It's available to stream below on our Mixcloud.

Just earlier this week, we released his hypnotic house EP "Waterworks". Mesmerising melodies and flawless structure create a listen that's perfect for the dancefloor or your headphones. Listen to the title track below and read a bit more about his release or find it in full over on bandcamp.

Loui Cleghorn (Soundcloud)
Loui Cleghorn (Beatport)
Loui Cleghorn (Facebook)


'futurendeavours' is a combination of two producers from Glasgow that are doing things a bit differently. Their demos consisted of a number of 10-15 minute long electronic opuses. The music twists and turns and veers down many different routes. Influenced by a fusion of house, breaks, techno and a many forms of abstract rhythm placed into one big melting pot to create a unique brand of sound. Their production methods range from original studio made electronics to software and app drum sequences through bouts of heavy sampling and the manipulation of field recordings . Their works are a culmination of the analogue and the digital music worlds colliding. Taking digital loops and samples and skewering them into sounds of their own.

You can listen to a preview of their track "Fifteen Minutes Of Fame" below. Due out on Bricolage soon.

There's also the small matter of their visceral and futuristic podcast that they provided for us last month. Smatterings of obscure sound patterns, high octane beats and energetic robot rhythms. Check it out below.

futurendeavours (Soundcloud)
futurendeavours (Mixcloud)

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