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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

In The Loop : Episode 14

July is shaping up to be a big month for the label. It's a jam packed month with every Monday of the month providing you with releases and mixes. There's also a few new audio/visuals coming your way plus the announcement of two new members to our constantly expanding roster and last but not least a remix competition.

We started the month off with our monthly podcast this past Monday. It's a cerebrum challenging journey from Gregor Garnutsi that's full of jazz, ambient, techno and much much more. Have a listen and submerse yourself below or on mixcloud if you haven't already.


On the 11th of July, label head, Fragile X releases his ambient, tribal EP "Arboreal". It's been over 2 years in the works and is finally good to go. Stay tuned to his soundcloud account for previews coming this week ahead of the release. In the meantime you can preview the artwork below.


On the 25th of July, we release the full length debut album from Nova Noma. It's guaranteed to be full of his trademark sounds and epic electronic masterpieces. Blissed out, chilled out electronica is to be expected but you can wager on a few more energetic numbers on the release too. Preview "Atlas" below.


This Friday night (8th July) we unveil our latest audio/visual. It's a summer themed, beach based effort from our visual team "Digi Aye" for the track "Paradise" from our most recent release on Bricolage, the "No Work, Just Play" by Night Time Bassline. Check out the track in question below and be sure to grab yourself a free download/pay what you want copy from our bandcamp.


Our new arrivals in July come in the form of the recently birthed Glasgow electronic project "futurendeavours" and "Loui Cleghorn". The former consists of two enigmatic and secretive local producers with some huge sounds in the pipeline that they plan to release through our label very soon. Genre defying, 10 minute plus tunes are their speciality. The latter name is a big coup for Bricolage. Loui has released on some excellent and well known labels including German underground titans Traum and Resopal. He brings a wealth of talent and experience to the table both in terms of production and mixing skills. You can expect his first Bricolage EP to drop in August but before that he will be curating Volume 5 of our Headroom mix series to be released this month. You can expect some more info and full introduction posts and bios to our latest label additions next week.


As for the remix competition, it's based around one of Loui's tracks from his upcoming EP in August. The competition and its details will be aired towards the end of the month and full stems will be made available. The competition is open to all Bricolage and non Bricolage artists. With the two winning remixes joining the EP release. The judges will be Loui and Fragile X.

Stay tuned for more info soon and be sure to keep in touch with all our July happenings via our Facebook page. It's gonna be a huge month :)

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