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Monday, 11 July 2016

Fragile X "Arboreal" (bc015)

Our latest release is the ambient, tribal soundsccapes of "Arboreal" from Fragile X. It's a body of work that's been two years in the making. A real labour of love that finally gets to bear its fruits through Bricolage. The music itself is an escapism into the trees. It could be a meridian forest, it could be an African jungle, your overgrown back garden or even your local park. Choose your own adventure. Found sounds, field recordings and tribal drum patterns weave into intricate organic and ambient structures and atmospheres. Elements of the worlds natural environment coming together with carefully constructed pads and melodies to provide the listener with a journey to get lost in.

It starts off with the sow burning Geoglyph before moving onto ethnic drones, rhythms and instrumentation with the duo of Lepidoptera and Gecko. Dawn Chorus is next and is the most upbeat track on show. A calming intro gives way to tribal drums and a melodic arpeggio hook that's inspired by bird song. Closing track, Sleeping In The Trees, rounds off the EP with a soothing ambient outro.

You can stream and download the full album below or at our bandcamp.

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