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Monday, 4 April 2016

Bricolage Podcast #8 : Fragile X

Label head Fragile X is back on podcast duty this month. It's another sonically aesthetic mix that twists and turns it's way through your eardrums. It kicks off with an array of unobtrusive sounds and layers that fuse elements of ambient, progressive breaks and futuristic sounds before diving off the deep end and into some faster paced breakbeats and complex rhythms with a darker tone. The sonic and experimental side of things remains at the forefront for the duration with the drops of ambience and unique breakdowns remaining littered throughout creating a slightly frenetic but always harmonious second half of the mix that slides and swerves among all sorts of dynamic textures. The result is an expansive mix that provides an introspective into the eclectic world of electronic music.

You can stream it below or check it out along with the rest of our mixes over on our mixcloud.

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