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Monday, 11 January 2016

Oscurito "Octopus" (bc008)

Today saw Oscurito release his debut EP "Octopus". Upon his introduction last November we promised you that you'd be hearing a lot more from the young Glaswegian. We had his January podcast last week to whet your appetite and now these 3 tracks of pulsating. mysterious techno are the perfect way for him to make his next musical statement. A lot of care and thought have went into the proficiency in the music with gleaming production and rich mastering throughout. We start off on sure footing with the solid rhythm of "Imagine Dystopia" accompanied by it's rumbling bass and well placed kicks before being engulfed with moody pads and waves of synths. "Psychic" is next with similar, confident, heavy beats that are rounded off with some shiny percussion. There's a slightly unhinged acid feel about the melodies that gives that psychedelic edge. The last of the trio is the title track "Octopus" , it introduces itself with cascading little dots of sound that are joined by a beat and poignant synths that build the tension before a dense and muscular beat takes centre stage and carries the track and EP through to it's end. 

As far as debut EPs go, it's a fantastic start and ensures that we look forward to working with Oscurito again in the future. Watch this space.

It's available for stream and free download below or at our bandcamp.

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