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Monday, 25 January 2016

Fragile X "The Outer Circle" (bc009)

Our latest release, "The Outer Circle", sees Fragile X invite you to join him on a post-party Sunday morning train trip home through the Glasgow underground rail lines. Field recordings of the trains, the stations and the commuters are interspersed with ambient and electronic music. The sounds range from weary drones to upbeat melodies and beats. It's a truly immersive headphone experience with blankets of harmonic textures, somber refrains and hypnotic layers.

Start your journey at St. Georges Cross in the city's West End and step off at Bridge Street station and out into the morning light. 

It's available for streaming and free download from our bandcamp or below in the embed.

Here's a bit about the idea behind "The Outer Circle"  from Fragile X:

"The concept of the EP popped into my head on a Sunday morning when I was standing alone outside the subway station waiting for the shutters to open and the first train of the day to pull in. Usually I always have my headphones with me and would listen to music on the journey but on this occasion I had managed to lose not only one but two pairs of headphones at the house party I had just left. So I decided to keep myself occupied by taking in the sounds of the station and using my voice recorder to document the upcoming journey. I tied the recorder round my wrist with an elastic band, hit record and set off. During the journey I experienced a range of emotions due to a lack of sleep, social anxiety and a mind and body trying it's best to begin the recovery phase from the effects of being awake for almost 36 hours. To help myself relax, feel at ease and fight off the public paranoia I started concocting noises, hums and melodies in my head. When I finally got home I set about recording all the sounds in my head and structuring them into pieces of music. I ended up with 5 short tracks. I then combined those 5 tracks with the 16 minutes of field recording I had from the journey and mixed them together into the one composition and The Outer Circle idea went from concept to creation."

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