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Saturday, 7 March 2020

Bricolage Podcast #55 - Minerva (IWD 2020 Special)

"I am Ariadne. I am Minerva. I am proud to be female."

Minerva's International Women's Day mix from last year was so good that we invited her back again this year to do it again. 2019's mix was a heady mix of experimental electronica, ambient, IDM and electro from her female peers and influences. This year, she's flipped the switch and went all in on the dark and deep techno. An hour full of bruising beats and wavy acid from some of the best producers out there.

As always you can listen below or over on mixcloud.


01. Bjork - Hidden Place
02. Cio D'Or - Tomorrow Was Yesterday
03. Ida Engberg - Burn Out
04. Aurora Halal - Eternal Blue
05. Amelie Lens - In Silence
06. Paula Temple - Raging Earth
07. Fatima Hajji - Hammer
08. Charlotte De Witte - Time
09. Anetha - Acid Train
10. Rebekah - The Riddle
11. Ellen Allien - MDMA
12. Amazondotcon - A Flower, Nocturnal and Permanent

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