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Friday, 1 February 2019

Imminent Arrival

Our upcoming release from No Arrival is now available on pre-order from our bandcamp.

Purchase the "Subvert Yourself" EP and instantly receive the stunning track "Play" with its deep atmospherics and chopped vocal samples.

"Subvert Yourself" is out on the 22nd of February. More track reveals and EP preview coming soon.

Be sure to check out No Arrivals previous releases on Bricolage below.

His debut EP, "The Chance To Fail", back in October 2017 was a sonic whirlpool of broken acid, experimentation and diverse ambient textures.

There's also the fidgety industrial ambience of "Terra Ratio" from our 2018 Retcon compilation.

Finally, our first collaboration with the Scottish producer was in the form of "Vex". An electronic cyclone of punishing beats and low end.

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