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Friday, 9 February 2018

Introducing : Menopausal Hound Dog

We’re delighted to reveal that on the 26th of February we’ll be releasing an EP from the mysterious Menopausal Hound Dog.
Fresh and rejuvenated from a 2017 vinyl release on Venderstrooik and a split EP on Vaatican Records, the Manchester based producer is set to unveil a 4 track EP, “Audible Smote”, on Bricolage at the end of the month.
If you want a feel for the abstract electronic worlds at the fingertips of MHD then tune into the special mix for Loose Lips from last summer.

"Menopausal Hound Dog hails from the black pudding epicentre of Lancashire, England. During the time of his earlier bands, he found performance a drag but that he loved to produce.

This set in motion a hearty passion for DIY and before long, he had a small collection of gear and machines, recording tunes from home for friends and family.

Eventually he discovered soundcloud and began releasing there, finding encouragement and support from the online DIY community."

Check out some older MHD material below and prepare yourself for lots more over the coming weeks....

This weekend we'll be revealing an A/V for one of the tracks from the upcoming EP on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned......

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