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Saturday, 16 December 2017

In The Loop : Episode 24

Episode 24 of In The Loop sees us round up the latest from the Bricolage advent calendar over on our Facebook page.

DEC 9th
Colab - "2018"

A playful, glitchy track that encapsulates an optimistic mood as we prepare to move into the new year soon.


DEC 10th
Suncastle - "Kompromat"

A short but deep electronic journey from the Manchester native. Available as part of his latest 5 track ‘Scorpio’ EP.


DEC 11th
Hiramatsu Toshiyuki - "Mountain Call"

Seeing as the 11th of December was “International Mountain Day” we decided to head all the way back to August 2015 and this stunning piece of glitch minimalism and vocal manipulation from the Japanese producer. Available, exclusively, on Bricolage as part of our first ever release, Volume 1.


DEC 12th
Arran Trax - "They Met At The Pier"

A bright, positive and nostalgia laced analogue composition from the German based Scottish producer. Martin Grafton, the man behind the name, is known for his ability to consistently churn out catchy earworms and melodic hooks. This particularly upbeat little ditty is full of them.


DEC 13th
Dark Fidelity Hi-Fi - "Pebble To Sleeping Water"

Waves of synths and ambient sequences come together on an enchanting journey from the Manchester sound design expert.


DEC 14th
Bricolage VA - "The Longest Night"

A special throwback to 2015 and our winter solstice themed compilation release where we asked some of the artists on the label to portray what the 'Longest Night' of the year feels like to them personally. This album was released 2 years ago to the day and includes exclusive tracks written specifically for the album. 


DEC 15th
The Oscilloscope - "Crooked Waves"

A chunk of ‘hefty acid’ and precision finger drumming from the Swiss/Chilean analogue mastermind.


DEC 16th
Emigr - Brigadier (Sunn Boo remix)

The first official release from our friends across the channel at Collectif Sympa sees the Bricolage affiliated, Sunn Boo, provide a smooth remix of his stablemate, Emigr, as part of the Brigadier EP.


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