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Monday, 28 November 2016

Leit Motif "Till We Have Faces" (bc021)

Six months after releasing his debut EP "Supine" through Bricolage, Leit Motif returns with more finely crafted atmospherics and grainy, fractured ambiance on his new three track release, "Till We Have Faces". The new EP is every bit as spacious sounding as it's predecessor with light drones and pad swells gliding their way in and around all the tracks. The listen starts off on quite a somber note with "Mis-en-abime" feeling it's way in through a series of manipulated effects before a sample from the American Beauty film gives way to a haunting analogue synth melody that carries on through to the finale. "The Keepers Of The Flame" is next with a field recording of burning wood crackling in the background and a tenori-on melody chiming it's way slowly to the forefront backed up by glowing drones and deep, resounding vibrations in among an array of melodies. "A Lovers Reincarnation" finishes of the EP. It's a classic slow burning ambient epic. A mixture of piano work, gentle guitar twangs and soft reverb laden sequences that patiently build up and release themselves in an extremely uplifting crescendo of delicately placed illuminating harmonies.

The EP is available for streaming and free download or PWYW below or at our bandcamp.

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