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Friday, 12 August 2016

In The Loop : Episode 15

Our newest edition of "In The Loop" takes a look at a special mix made by Leit Motif.

Over the past 4 months he has built up a mix series by the name of "Microsleep". For those unaware, microsleep, is a short temporary episode of sleep or unconsciousness that probably happens to quite a lot of us far more than we realise. Leit Motifs mixes are short, 30 minute long ambient excursions that act as the musical equivalent of such a thing. They're easy to tune into and get lost in. The mixes have involved a widespread, prevalent array of ambient and drone artists from established names such as Rafael Anton Irisarri to lesser known but equally impressive artists.

For one of his most recent episodes, the Glaswegian producer dedicated 30 odd minutes to the more horizontal and laid back side of the Bricolage sound spectrum and concocted a mix consisting wholly of music from the label. You can check out the mix below or on his mixcloud. Full tracklisting underneath.

1. Fragile X - The Outer Circle (Exit)
2. Neon Idol Lodge - Resonances
3. Mute Branches - Secluded House In The Middle Of Nowhere
4. Sleep, Data - The Drone That You Find In The Back Of Your Mind
5. Jazz Defector - Falling To You
6. LIAPEI - When We Were All So Very Different

You can find the full episode listing of all previous and recent episodes of his "Microsleep" series in a timeline playlist.

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