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Monday, 20 June 2016

Night Time Bassline "No Work, Just Play" (bc014)

At the end of last month we provided you with a Mute Branches album that hit all the right notes in the lead up to a laidback, woozy summer. Today is the officially the start of summer and to celebrate that fact we're releasing our most upbeat and sunshine laced offering to date. The "No Work, Just Play" EP from Night Time Bassline is four tracks that are a hybrid of lively modern electronica, funk orientated movements and house music stylings. There's a warm and tropical feel to the melodies and the hooks. There's even a strong disco undercurrent lingering in the patterns of the music. Put these together and you have the perfect upbeat, sunshine vibes shining through. The tracks are playful, positive and most of all danceable. Catchy hooks backed up with an undeniable groove that will keep you moving through the hot months. It's good time music for good time people. Every summer needs a soundtrack. Let Night Time Bassline be part of yours.

The EP is available for streaming or DL below or at our bandcamp.

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