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Thursday, 24 December 2015

In The Loop : Episode 10 (Advent Calendar Part 5)

The last part of our Facebook advent calendar round up takes us up to the 24th and a very special treat...

December 21st

Liapei - Habit Is All That Holds Us Together

"Habit Is All That Holds Us Together" is a huge sounding ambient instrumental from the Liapei album 'Eschatology'.


December 22nd

Roy Or Bison? - Behind Every Man Stands 30 Ghosts

An eerie and atmospheric track from the darker side of the "Roy Or Bison?" repertoire.


December 23rd

Oscurito - Octopus

Oscurito releases his debut EP on Bricolage early next year. Here's a taster of what you've got coming your way.


December 24th

The Bricolage Collective wordsearch

Everybody loves word searches, right? The last advent is a very special Bricolage based wordsearch with 30 terms hidden inside it. Included are the 27 artists that have released in some form or another on the label this year and a few other words. Full alphabetical list below. Happy hunting!
1. Bloempot
2. Bricolage Collective
3. B-Side Boy
4. Chairman Cow
5. Fragile X
6. Gabriel Simão
7. geteffect
8. Gewatte
9. Glasgow
10. Glass Mammoth
11. HICH
12. Hiramatsu Toshiyuki
13. International Debris
14. Jazzdefector
15. Korean West Hill
16. Kure
17. Liapei
18. Lo-Jacker
19. Merrimans Ghost
20. Microvolt
21. Mute Branches
22. Neon Idol Lodge
23. Oscurito
24. Roy Or Bison?
25. Sleep, Data
26. Sleep Maps
27. Slow Deep Breath
28. Subsequent
29. Thank You
30. The Next Commuter

All the best for Christmas from everyone at Bricolage. Stay tuned.

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