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Saturday, 5 December 2015

In The Loop : Episode 6 (Advent Calendar Part 1)

In The Loop episode 6 shares with you the first 5 days of our Bricolage Advent Calendar that we started over on our facebook page earlier this week.

December 1st

Slow Deep Breath - "Datasette Shred"

A hypnotic and experimental track from Slow Deep Breath. It's one of the first pieces of music he created back in 1991. Utilising a shoebox tape recorder and a portable TV nonetheless!


December 2nd

Lo-Jacker - "Unprofessional" EP

Lo-Jacker recently released his very first official EP on Phat New Beats. I seriously can't recommend this mini album enough. Any listeners of his Bricolage podcast from September will recognise some of the sounds on show here. "Oslo" is my stand out track and one that I've played in many a set over the last few years. Follow the links on his soundcloud page for purchase details.


December 3rd

Mogwai - "Hunted By A Freak (get-effect remix)"

A cracking remix of the Mogwai classic "Hunted By A Freak" by get-effect. Free download of the track at his soundcloud page.


December 4th

International Debris - "Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift"

A taster of the new "Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift" EP from Intl. Debris. The EP drops on Bricolage on the 28th of December. Perfect end to the year.


December 5th

Jazzdefector - Falling Sunlight On The Sleeping Land

"Falling Sunlight On The Sleeping Land" is a gorgeous and restrained sounding 60 second instrumental from Jazzdefector. A song for the winter....


Be sure to check our facebook page at 10am every morning for the rest of your digital advent calendar surprises.

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