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Friday, 18 December 2015

Landscape Mode

Last night the latest in line of our YouTube music videos aired. It's a DIY effort from Chairman Cow.

Chairman Cow releases his superbly titled "Cake Toucher" EP on Bricolage on the 21st of December. It's not just the title that's superb though. The music included in the release is a fine cocktail of lo-fi guitars, his unique vocals, catchy beats, synths and all round musical sketches that will tickle your ears.

Here's a video of the track "Landscape Mode" to whet your appetite. It's the only instrumental track on the release and it serves as great teaser for what's to come this Monday.

The video was filmed by the Chairman himself on a tea break jaunt in and around the grounds of Gartnavel hospital in Glasgow. It's a fast paced affair....

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