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Monday, 23 November 2015

Headroom 01: International Debris presents "Dream Machine"

Our previous post informed you what Headroom was all about. If you missed it then here's the quick gist of it. Headroom is a new bi-monthly mix series that provides our artists with a two hour musical canvas to take listeners on a headphone trip.

The first in our series is a real coup for us. It comes from International Debris and is a melting pot of ambient, vaporwave, Berlin School, new age, sky music and outsider house. It's a massive and special journey brimming with some weird and wonderful musical selections, interludes, samples, cut ups and just about every type of sound you can think of.

Full tracklisting:

Five Minutes Alone - Signals From Io 
The Future Sound of London - Long Exposure 
Mindspring Memories - ⊱@MOSPHERE⊰ 
Intl. Debris - Drifting Consciousness 
Tangerine Dream - Persistence of Memory, Part Five 
HOLOVR - Core Value 
Pursuing Paradise - New Beginning 
Jean Michel Jarre - Ethnicolor 1 
PZA - Artificial 
Ishq - Lanyon 
Bark Psychosis - Absent Friend 
Microsoft Encarta - Natural Formations 
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolookologie 
Tangerine Dream - The Hospital 
Burial - Come Down to Us 
Perfume Advert - Get Hollow 
Underworld - Puppies 
UHF Virtual - Escalator to Heaven 
Bookworms - 360 Waves 
Intl. Debris - Sonmi 451 (Electric Sea) 
Dementia and Hope Trails - Sunflower 
Entro & Terri - The Cap 
Nmesh - I Got Your Letter 

"Dream Machine" is also the name of the radio show hosted by International Debris that broadcasts every other Thursday on FutureMusic.FM. You can have a listen through the recent archives at the Dream Machine mixcloud page.

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