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Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Review

The idea of having a music and art collective doubling as a net label was in the pipeline for me long before 2015. The idea was conceived some 5 or 6 years ago but a lack of confidence, experience and a severe lack of time put paid to any ideas I had back then. Fast forward to 2015 and after becoming more aware of how these things work and how to get the ball rolling I finally bit the bullet and went for it.

On the 31st of August, Bricolage was officially launched when we released our first VA Compilation (bc001), it included an absolute wealth of musical talent from almost all corners of the globe and took in a wide spectrum of music from ambient through to techno and everything in between.

There was work going on behind the scenes from then on in to expand the roster further and due to that it took another 7 weeks before our next release but there was podcasts to keep us ticking over.

Our September podcast came from Lo-Jacker and was full of bleeps, beats, glitchy electronics and masterful mash ups. A nice way to start a podcast series!


The October podcast was next and came from label head and founder, Fragile X. Best described as a sonic safari, it was a mix that covered a lot of musical ground. It was tough in parts, light in others but always colourful and atmospheric.


On October 26th, we finaly released again with the computer game based concept EP "Console" from Fragile X. Drones, ambience and start up screen sounds like you've never heard them before.


The ball kept rolling and two weeks later, "Instrumental Love Songs For The Broken Hearted Vol 1" by Jazzdefector was available from us. Instrumental guitar pieces that are rich in emotion and tone. The perfect music for the impending long nights.


The first week in November meant our next podcast, this time from Dutch mixing veteran Subsequent. He provided us with the ideal transition from autumn to winter with cold, industrial textures sat on top of a warm palette of synths.


The following week, half way though November, saw our second VA Compilation (bc004) arrive and nine new members of the collective that provided us with a fantastic combined body of work to create another wonderfully diverse compilation.


Next up we introduced a new mix series entitled "Headroom" where the aim is to give the artist an extra hour of mixing to provide the listener with more of a headphone journey type mix. Our inaugral mix was curated by International Debris and didn't disappoint. 2 hours worth of very eclectic sounds to get lost in.


Our December podcast was from 'get-effect', who expertly blurred the lines between modern and classic electronica with his nostalgia soaked mix. A vbrant and warm way to end our mixes for the year.


A week before the Winter Solstice was due to occur, we released a very special compilation called "The Longest Night" where some of our members wrote, recorded and produced specially themed winter solstice tracks. We brought them together to bring you our very own,and fitting, solstice soundtrack.


On the 21st of December, there was an early Christmas present from Chairman Cow with his "Cake Toucher" EP that covered all sorts of funk and pop goodness. The perfect melding of his guitar work and his keen ear for the more electronic based side of things.

We rounded off the year this past Monday with International Debris and his "Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift" EP. A glorious coming together of ambient and vaporwave sounds that created a beautiful and surreal ending to Bricolage's first 5 months in existence.


It's been a brilliant first 5 months for Bricolage and major thanks go to everybody who has been involved and contributed. It wouldn't have been possible without the talented musicians and artists we have on board. And of course, thanks to all and any listeners and readers. Giving us your time and ears is truly appreciated.

Here's to 2016 being bigger and better. Thank you again and Happy New Year when it arrives.

Much love.


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