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Monday, 21 December 2015

Chairman Cow "Cake Toucher" (bc006)

Today we're proud to present to you the "Cake Toucher " EP from Chairman Cow. It's a collection of lo-fi pop gems and toe tapping ditties.

A spongy base of guitar oddities that are covered in syrupy synths, his unique vocals and experienced songwriting craft. Top it all off with a load of pop sensibility and you've got a special cake cut up into 6 different but equally exquisite pieces. There's elements of funk, elements of pop, electronica, krautrock, a little bit of everything really. Let it wriggle into your ears and stay there.

It's available to stream below or at our bandcamp and as always you can grab a free download at bandcamp too.

Here's a quick run through the tracks....

1. "Mindmap" gets the toes tapping right away with it's beat, razor sharp guitar, squelchy synths and the Chairmans impassioned vocals.

2. "Words Unspoken" is a more solemn affair written in the midst of a hangover. It perfectly captures that downtrodden morning after mood.

3. "Dun-Dun-Dee" is a straight up catchy as hell little number that will worm it's way into your brain. Mainly acapella with a little guitar and some clicks and claps creeping their way in later on in the track.

4. "Landscape Mode", a krautrock inspired beat and perfectly executed guitar chops propel this perfect little instrumental along nicely before the lead components take it into overdrive. A great example of how less is sometimes more.

5. "Get Out Of My House" is in the words of Chairman Cow himself "an affectionate homage to DFA Records. It was made with a head full of LCD Soundsystem and the only thing missing is a cowbell." Sounds good to me.

6. "Kiss My Casio" was recorded on cassette and mobile phone. It's the perfect way to finish off the EP with it's chilled out synth and thoughtful spoken word setting the scene before it launches into weird pop territory. And yes, there is a casio involved.

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