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Monday, 7 December 2015

Bricolage Podcast #4 : get-effect

Our December podcast comes via the unique music tastes of Glasgow's own "get-effect". As has been the case with our 3 previous podcasts, this one is, again, VERY different. Here, the lines between electronic music and guitars are expertly blurred into one completely mesmerizing escapade. A truly hypnotic sound collage that's absolutely glazed in melody. There's a nod to certain parts of the 80's with some of the hooks included in here and the mix as a whole has a warm feel of nostalgia to it. It's drenched in retro synths and beats. It dips into the past to include tracks from some 30 years ago but it's never in danger of getting over sentimental and brings some electronica from the current music music climate into the fold. There's even music from the future with unreleased material from "get-effect" included. Electronica, shoegaze elements, synthwave galore, even a Miami Vice theme remix and a twist in the tail at the end with a short blast of techno as a fitting send off.

I fondly recall asking "get-effect" if he would be up for contributing a podcast for the collective and his reply was a resounding yes. He then stated that he "could make ambient mixes until the cows come home" but that he also enjoys DJing and asked if that (ambient) is what I was after or if there was any certain style I was looking for. My reply was that there's no boundaries, no style limit but that the Bricolage podcast is simply all about reflecting the artists tastes and influences in an hour. It's safe to say he more than hit the mark on that front.

The best way to describe this mix is to say that if "get-effect" was in charge of compiling the soundtrack to the movie "Drive" then you might have ended up with something like this. High but worthy praise.

Have a listen via the stream below or visit our mixcloud page.

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