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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Stay Patient

Our YouTube channel is starting to fill up nicely. Alongside get-effects video for "No One Leaves Here Empty Handed" there's also a trailer video for our debut compilation. And tonight sees the premiere of the video accompaniment for "Stay Patient" from the "Console" EP released on Bricolage by Fragile X last month.

"Stay Patient" is Fragile X taking the famous, inimitable start up sound of the Playstation 1 and manipulating it through both digital and analogue means to create a dark and ominous soundscape. Additional instrumentation from Fragile X then results in drifting drones and a menacing reverb that totally turns the original sound on its head. The video for the track is a collage of lights, colours and Playstation and Sony references in tribute to the computer giants.

You can download a HQ version of "Stay Patient" and the Console EP in full at our bandcamp. The theme of the EP runs through taking computer console sounds and turning them into unlikely sonic landscapes. Highly recommended download. Free as always.

There's more videos of our artists work on the way soon. Stay tuned.

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