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Monday, 6 July 2020

Bricolage Podcast #59 - See Blue

We've managed to procure a very special guest for our July podcast session. We've coaxed Matthew Duffield (of Sedition DJs fame) out of an extended mix hiatus.

Matthew is head of the, Barcelona based, See Blue Audio imprint. An ambient leaning label that focuses on "shade rather than light". The label is still in its infancy but is slowly growing and evolving its roster.

This mix, as you can imagine, is rooted in the ambient genre. Over the course of 80 mins we are taken on a journey that showcases the broad depth of the genre. The beats are few and far between but when they do make an appearance they make an impact. There's glistening synths, peaceful guitar soundscapes, layers of field recordings, ethereal vocals, segments of haunting world/ethnic music and it's all topped off with sounds from over a century ago via the year 1919. The session is cut together like a vintage mixtape for added appeal. One for the headphones.

As always, you can listen below or at our mixcloud.

01. David Cordero  - Lola esperando a Mario
02. Space Afrika - Judge
03. Yaard - Vitamin C Blues
04. Silent Poets - Distant Memory
05. Andrew Tuttle - Tallowwood View
06. Bibio - Crocus
07. Wayne Phoenic - Mood
08. NiƱo de Elche & David Cordero - Decansa
09. Space Afrika - You or Me
10. Symmetry - A Sort of Homecoming
11. Symmetry - Mind Games
12. Nurse With Wound - Rock 'n Roll Station
13. Space Afrika - Dairyday4
14. Low - Fly (King Britt's Fhloston Paradigm remix)
15. Jik - Przejście
16. Wayne Phoenix - Home
17. Mary Lattimore - Baltic Birch (Paul Corley remix)
18. Plinth - The Musgrave Ritual
19. Amelita Galli-Curci - Crepuscule
20. Wayne Phoenix - Death is Pure Objectivity
21. Mink Freud - Hawksmoor

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Dimensions For Breaking

Short clip of the track "Dimensions For Breaking" from the upcoming Dark Fidelity Hi Fi album, 'Machine Blossoms'. 'Machine Blossoms' will be available on limited edition digipak CD and digital on August 14th Pre order goes live on July 10th. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Fragile X "Damage Control" (Audio / Visual)

Damage limitation with this new A/V from Fragile X... "Damage Control" is taken from the "Static Control" EP. Available now on Bricolage.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Esef "Through The Static" (Audio / Visual)

Travel "Through The Static" with Esef in this new audio/visual... "Through The Static" is taken from the "Static Control" EP. Available now on Bricolage.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Bricolage Podcast #58 - Sceadu

We wrap up the first weekend of June with a new podcast from Sceadu, who once again emerges from the shadows to offer up a warm haze of electronics. An all vinyl mix containing 48 minutes of laid back electro grooves with sprinklings of ambient, breaks and acid.

As always you can listen below or at mixcloud.


01. Nebenprodukt - Photosensitizer
02. Hamatsuki - Advanced Apathy
03. The Hidden Figure - Stolen Tears
04. Sound Synthesis - Magija Robotika
05. NDNM - Anti Movement League
06. Ninechecker - Mainline
07. Liam Fattori - I Create Chaos
08. Aquatronics - Arcadia
09. Tim Reaper - Final Destination

Friday, 5 June 2020

Black Lives Matter

We've been quiet this last week or so. It doesn't feel right to be promoting music in this current situation. The sound of rage, despair and hopelessness across the globe is almost deafening.

Today is another "bandcamp day" where the platform waive their fee. A brilliant gesture in support of independent labels and artists.

But now is not about listening to music. Now is about listening to the voices of those that so desperately want and need to be heard.

On that note, we've decided to mark today with this eight minutes and forty six seconds of silence.

We want to listen. We want to learn.

This silence will always be here. It will never be deleted. It's our way of saying that we stand in solidarity. All money from this 'release' will be donated to the link below. Digital download comes with a hidden unreleased 10 minute jam from the Fragile X "The Butterfly Effect" sessions.

The donation is split between more than 70 community bail funds, mutual aid funds and racial justice organisers.


No matter how big or small we accumulate the plan is to donate on the first Sunday of every month from here on in starting on Sunday 7th June.

*NOTE* We will be covering the future PayPal and bandcamp fees from any purchases from our own funds.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Fragile X and Esef "Static Control" (bc055)

Bricolage are proud to present a new split EP from the heart of Glasgow's underground as Fragile X and Esef offer up four bruising slabs of  bass driven techno and breakbeat. Both producers have dug deep into their respective sonic arsenals and retrieved the heavy artillery for this one. 

Gritty, loose rhythms and gurgling basslines buzz around the opening track from Fragile X before alien bleeps appear and carry the track to it's conclusion. Next up, Esef, brings that trademark percussive punch and weighty bass movements that set the scene for a melodic explosion.

For the remixes, Esef tackles "Damage Control" head on and starts off with a dark and ominous tone that incorporates the original bassline into something that little bit more sinister before flicking the switch and dragging us feet first into an uplifting techno anthem.  To round things off, Fragile X travels into the static with a hiss, before being joined by compact breakbeats,  chopped up hi hats, warped bass samples and furious acid lines.

"Static Control" has been in the pipeline since late summer 2019 and we've been patiently sitting on it waiting to unleash it into the world. We hope you can agree that it's been worth the wait.

You can purchase "Static Control" direct from the link below or at our bandcamp.