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Friday, 25 November 2016

Winter 2016/2017

The ball keeps rolling here at Bricolage as we look forward to a jam packed winter full of fresh new music and expansive mixes.

We start off with a new 3 track EP from Glasgow ambient analogue producer, Leit Motif. Coming of the back of his fantastic, downtempo, "Supine" release back in May, "Till We Have Faces" follows suit and includes some very spacious, and thoughtful, ambient/drone sound designs. Named after and inspired by the C.S. Lewis novel of the same name, it's the perfect companion for cold winter nights.

Today we can offer an exclusive first look at the sublime artwork for the EP.

Have a listen to two of the tracks from the release below and be sure to check our Soundcloud page on Monday for the final track and a download link and info for the full EP.


Moving into December, we have an experimental and inventive podcast from glitch conoisseur, Figurate, to start the month off. We've already had a listen and it's a fascinating collection of obscure gems that we're excited to share with you.

We follow that up with a double header from young electronic producer, Crae. The Glaswegians work rate and musical output has hit new peaks recently and we're proud to be releasing his debut EP "Injection" through Bricolage on the 12th of December. 4 tracks that perfectly showcase the diversity of his sounds from pulsing techno and house into the more melodic range that he possesses. Crae follows up his EP by curating and mixing the latest volume in our 2 hour Headroom mixing session. Expect chaos.

Keep an eye on our Soundcloud page next week for a preview of his upcoming EP and head on over to his mixcloud to get a listen to some of his previous mixes in anticipation of his 2 hour special.

Listen to a Crae techno mix from October last year below


We kick off 2017 with a podcast from Roman Fahls. His sounds are one of the newest additions to Bricolage and his track "Alaric" recently appeared on the latest edition of our Various Artists compilation, Volume 4. 

Listen to "Alaric" below and head to the Bricolage bandcamp for your download.

He recently uploaded a mixtape to his Soundcloud and one listen was enough to convince us to head hunt him for our January podcast.


After that we have an EP from the aforementioned Figurate and a full length album from Ix Prospectum

Figurate has created a micro universe of technology infused glitch work and complex backgrounds to transfer the listener to a totally different world. "There Are Places Other Than Here" sees its release on the 9th of January. You can check out the track 'Exist Strategy' below to get a feel of what's in store come then.

Ix Prospectum has an enviable and ultra regular output of tracks that prove he is the perfect candidate for a full length album release with a mixture of IDM, glitch and ambient techno compositions and a clear musical brain for track structure. His as yet untitled album will round off January here at Bricolage.

Listen below to "Telescope", his contribution to our most recent compilation.

His most recent upload, "Disable It" carries on that unique warped sound.


It's an exciting few months ahead at Bricolage. Stay tuned via our social media pages for updates and releases as they happen.

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