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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Introducing The Collective 45-47

 Last week we introduced you to the first lot of new artists on our upcoming compilation. You can check out the bios of Jaffa Kid, Guido and Ix Prospectum here. Today we introduce you to another three new acts in the form of Mister Left, Figurate and Octavia Bannon-Clark.


Octavia Bannon-Clark has a body of work on Soundcloud and beyond that marks her work out as pretty much undefinable. Influences that range far and wide have culminated in a palette of sounds that range from 80s style synthpop happenings, breakbeat patterns, glitch infested tracks, acid, weird samples and more. All backed up with a ridiculously keen ear for making catchy melodies and the knowledge of how to use them.

Octavia Bannon-Clark (Soundcloud)



Figurate is the pseudonym of a secretive glitch experimentalist. His sounds are a strange and intriguing brew of granular drum work among a slew of processed textures soaked in all kinds of reverb. There's a near dystopian atmosphere to his tracks that serve the percussion well and create small sonic landscapes for the listener to get lost in.

Figurate (Soundcloud)



Mister Left is an up and coming electronic producer located in Manchester. He specializes in razor sharp, slightly dark electronica with more than a hint of techno. He's just starting off on his journey into the world of making music and we're happy to be able to give him a platform for his sounds here at Bricolage.

Mister Left (Soundcloud)


The next batch of bio's will be up soon. Stay tuned.

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