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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Introducing The Collective 52 - 55

Our latest compilation, Volume 4 of our various artist projects, lands online tomorrow on digital release. We've spent a lot of time assembling fresh producers with unique sounds for this release and over the last week or so we've been introducing you to them. Today we unveil the final four artists in the form of The Oscilloscope, Kold47, Meat Loops and Bedless Bones.


The Oscilloscope is a unique electronic project based around finger drumming and engaging landscapes. Cosmic textures and futuristic sounding pads that clash together in a genre defying state. Warm analogue sounds and melodic experimentation are at the forefront of this exciting artists work.

The Oscilloscope (Soundcloud)

The Oscilloscope (Bandcamp)

The Oscilloscope (YouTube)

The Oscilloscope (Instagram)


53. KOLD47

Kold4 is a French techno producer with a knack for delivering gritty, lo-fi techno escapades with a tinge of acid and 8bit influence and more than a nod to the dreamier and dustier side of industrial sounds.

Kold47 (Soundcloud)

Kold47 (Bandcamp)



Meat Loops is a suitably obscure name for an obscure artist. The obscurity is also strong and consistent when it comes to his track titles. He hasn't given much away about himself in terms of a bio to us. Simply preferring to focus on explaining his sounds which we would class as short bursts of ambient infused, glitch and IDM soundscapes.

In his own words, "Sounds and sequences, presets and modifiable parameters, DAWS that don't last and seemingly esoteric VSTs."

Meat Loops (Soundcloud)



Bedless Bones is an experimental electronic music project of Kadri Sammel, based in Tallinn. It draws its lifeblood from eerie cinematic atmospheres, uncanny sensations, dark nocturnal ramblings and the light bliss of the impending end, colliding with elements of dark ambient, industrial music and darkwave.

Bedless Bones (Soundcloud)

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