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Monday, 14 November 2016


Today we released Volume 4 of our various artists compilation project and it's another selection of, unique and eclectic, producers hand picked from across the globe coming together on one release that's brimming with a collection of intriguing and engaging sonic adventures. Each track plays its own important part as an individual component but also flourishes as part of the bigger picture in what proves to be a captivating digital landscape. A spectrum of melodies, immersive textures and an assortment of rhythms that drift between electronic experimentation, flat out techno, glitch movements, drum n bass and back again. The journey starts off with some vivid, trippy dub and dark ambient before moving into more beat based territory and a deep, woozy, resonating hybrid of bustling electronica, ambient techno, IDM and some rigid lo-fi tech frequencies. There's a diversion off path in the form of drum n bass before the trip continues and we leap into the most substantial experimental part full of intelligent drum work and dense, unpredictable musical sketches that collide into one another before finishing on a warped, techno/electronica composition.

 A massive thank you goes out to everyone who contributed and made the release possible.

As always the release is free download or "pay what you want" and can stream or grab a copy of the compilation from the embed below or at our bandcamp.

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