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Monday, 1 July 2019

Bricolage Podcast #47 - Justin Case

Local producer Justin Case is back on podcast duties for Bricolage this month as we prepare to launch his split EP with Austin artist, Devras Plexi. Titled "Lotus Eaters", the collaborative effort will be released on the 2nd of August and contains five tracks apiece from this pair of unparalleled artists. It's a coming together of two of the most colourful artists on our roster and you're in for a psychedelic treat full of bright electronics. Expect previews and snippets soon.

This new mix from Justin Case contains a first listen to one of his own tracks from the upcoming release. "Passaic Formation" opens the podcast proceedings with its drowsy vocals and chaotic scattering backdrop before we head into a musical manifesto that includes all manners of sonic delights ranging from dancefloor weapons, twitchy classics and lo-fi kicks before closing with one of my own personal favourite remixes of all time from Roy Of The Ravers.

Devras Plexi and Justin Case "Lotus Eaters" EP is out 2/8/19

Stay tuned.

As always you can listen below or on our mixcloud.


01. Justin Case - Passaic Formation
02. Throwing Snow - Rhegged
03. Four Tet - Hobsons Choice
04. Lone - Blue Moon Tree
05. Ross From Friends - Bootman
06. R 325- Sagy7130
07. Luke Slater - Love (Burial Remix)
08. Delroy Edwards - Killer Charlie
09. Low Res - Amuck (Original 1995 Mix)
10. Ceephax Acid Crew - Emotinium (Roy Of The Ravers 'Secret Mix')

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