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Friday, 5 July 2019

Dark Fidelity Hi Fi "Found" (bc046)

"Found" is the brand new album from Manchester mastermind Rick Jones aka Dark Fidelity Hi Fi.

Thirteen glistening tracks recorded over a four month period of hyper creativity with some guests and friends helping to fill in the pieces of the musical puzzle. It's a thorough and enigmatic voyage that incorporates elements of ambient, glitch, dub, trip hop, IDM and breaks into a textural and hypnotic labyrinth.

This is an album that will provide new sounds with every listen.

It's deep, energetic, organic and ultimately enchanting music that comes decorated with luminous melody and floating percussion that sweep along perfectly throughout as the the album sprawls and reveals itself as whole.

"Found" is another string on the bow of a producer who's clearly in his creative prime as he adds this new album to an already insanely impressive body of work.

Available in digital form and Limited Edition CD from our bandcamp or below.

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