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Monday, 7 October 2019

Bricolage Podcast #50 : Quinquagenarian

Our monthly podcast has been one of most revered features over the last four and a bit years and this month we've reached the milestone 50th episode. To mark the occasion we bring you an extra special mix to mark our 50th podcast.

Without fail, over the last 50 months, we have brought you a fresh podcast within the first week of every single month. No gaps, no hold ups, no filler. Just a constant and steady flow of crisp and exclusive mixes via a slew of artists from all over the globe and presented in all manner of styles from ambient to techno and everything in between. For number 50, we gather together all 34 artists that have contributed to our monthly podcast series into one expansive set. Our special "Quinquagenarian" episode features a track from each of those 34 artists and is mixed together by label head, Fragile X.

As always you can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.


01. Alpha Skies - Evergreen Morning
02. International Debris - Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift (Part 2)
03. Sceadu - Embryo
04. Blue Notes - The Cave
05. Kill Them With Noise - Gravity Well
06. Willy - What Was That?
07. Esef - Dear Grey Place
08. Sunn Boo - Ladyland (Mental Mix)
09. Ty Lumnus - Tolerances
10. Subsequent - Smallbatch
11. Minerva - Oligarch
12. futurendeavours - Fifteen Minutes Of Fame
13. Daniel Katinsky - Helsinki
14. Gregor Garnutsi - Access Granted
15. Rain - Cold
16. Oscurito - Kunoichi
17. Roy Or Bison? - The Breakfast Show
18. Lo-Jacker - Litter Lout (Live)
19. Amunraja - No Mud No Lotus
20. Get-Effect - Ruinenlust
21. Loui Cleghorn - Waterworks
22. Justin Case - Seagulling
23. Figurate - Exist Strategy
24. Belial Pelegrim - Jellied Minotaur On A Bed Of Lettuce
25. Devras Plexi - diffuse:Grid
26. Fragile X - Strange Attractor
27. Arran Trax - Morgenlicht
28. No Arrival - Earhart
29. Roman Fahls - Alaric
30. Steve Hadfield - Ghost Seeks Friend
31. The Jaffa Kid - Feel Like I Have
32. Leit Motif - Aria
33. Dark Fidelity Hi Fi - In Your Pursuit Of Modern Happiness
34. Chairman Cow - Landscape Mode

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