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Friday, 2 August 2019

Devras Plexi and Justin Case "Lotus Eaters"(bc047)

"Lotus Eaters" is the convergence of two like minded but also contrasting producers. Both bring their own unique musical spice to the party and mix it together for one compatible release.

Austin native Devras Plexi ushers in his signature gloopy ambient melodies and glitchy textures. His colourful sound palette and sinewave experimentation is on full show and is complimented by some sweet ruptured rhythms.

Local boy Justin Case keeps the obtuse theme rolling but provides that late night energy with his hybrid take on techno and house that swarms and engulfs both those styles with elements of breaks and IDM. The track structures come loose and warped. Packed with bugged out beats and razor synths that are twisting and turning at every opportunity.

Each with their own vision. The combination of these on form producers creates an assemblage of polychromatic and effervescent sounds.

Stream and download available below or at bandcamp.

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