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Monday, 26 February 2018

Menopausal Hound Dog "Audible Smote" (bc033)

Today we’re proud to officially welcome the Menopausal Hound Dog to Bricolage.

Over the years, the Manchester based producer, has carefully sculpted his own take on experimental music under various aliases but returns to the MHD pseudonym for his debut on Bricolage. 

“Audible Smote” is 4 tracks of playful yet angular electronics that may at first seem minimal but on closer inspection are layered with lots of tiny details jostling for your listening attention. It gently glides along the mellow side of the spectrum but the unusual sounds, arrangements and progression keep things more than interesting throughout. Glitchy, understated percussion, idiosyncratic melodic elements and an ear for unique tonal textures set the mood of “Audible Smote” from the offset and make it an essential addition to our back catalogue here at Bricolage.

Full stream and free DL or PWYW below or at our bandcamp.

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