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Wednesday, 1 November 2017


A late Halloween present in the form of "Wrek". A horror short from Lost World Media that's soundtracked by our very own Mute Branches.

“A man takes it upon himself to seek out his missing younger brother, and the monster that took him away” Wrek is the culmination of a love for 80s monster flicks, English folklore and societal-horror giants like Romero, Cronenberg, and Landis. Although brief in total expected runtime (around 6 minutes), the film contains a number of strong cinematic references, packed into a tight, tensely paced film.

Writer / Director / Editor: Mathew Hammond Producer: Daniel Hutchinson Starring: Matt Kitson, Sophie Brierley, Tom Sheldon Original Soundtrack: James Cresswell Puppet Creation: Leo Kane Horton Assistant directors: Tommy Hoyle and Jay Middleton

You can also hear the isolated music on the Soundcloud link below.

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