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Monday, 9 May 2016

Leit Motif "Supine" (bc012)

"Supine" is the debut EP from ambient composer Leit Motif and we're thrilled to have him release it through Bricolage. 

As you'd expect from someone with a fondness for the joys of analogue, these tracks are full of warm tone and soft decay. The music on show here is easy to get lost in with the sleepy atmospherics, soaring drones and fractured pianos taking centre stage in each respective piece and ethereal melodies and perfectly constructed passages leading the way with each sound complimenting the next. The art of subtle disintegration in music is rare but Leit Motif does it expertly on this release. Taking his time to ensure that every sound has it's time in the spotlight before drifting off into fragments and dissolving. 

It's his own take on modern classical music that according to the man himself is intended to be listened to "lying in the dark in your room at 4am."

You can stream and download the full EP for free or "pay what you want" over at our bandcamp or below.

Leit Motif (Soundcloud)

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