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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

In The Loop : Episode 13

In The Loop episode 13 is a little later than planned but takes a look at what the second lot of artists from our most recent compilation, Volume 3 ,have been upto since the release.


Crae recently posted a short, 90 seconds or so acid blast previewing an upcoming track of his. Chaotic in the best way possible.

There's also a more recent track on his page from around a fortnight ago which has that familiar dense techno beat but this time it's backed with more ambient pads and piercing little melodies. Check out "Light Above" below...



Willy mixed our May podcast at the start of the month and it's full of monolithic techno weapons. A driving, frenetic hour of beats and bass.

He's also recently posted a new track on his Soundcloud account called "Tribe Chant". It starts of with an indecipherable vocal then the drums take over and it starts to get heavier and harder. An almost industrial vibe lingers throughout. Another storming techno track from the Edinburgh producer.



A new track called "Anahata" has recently showed up on the Gregor Garnutsi SC page. Garnutsi is a man who doesn't mind straying into experimental territory on his tracks and this one is no different. It's a rare feat when someone can make such an array of experimental sounds remain interesting and unique but that's exactly what happens on "Anahata". No pigeonholing sounds, no genre type. Just electronic experimentalism at it's best.

There's also a Gregor Garnutsi podcast coming your way soon on Bricolage. Stay tuned for more info soon.



Next up is another experimentalist in Swedgy Blinker. His track "Hobbies" from the Volume 3 compilation was a mish mash of electronic aesthetics that took no prisoners. His latest upload "Da Mellow Dee" is all wonky synths, skewed beats, vocal chop ups and a catchy melody thrown in for good measure. It's been described on soundcloud as "veggie crunk", take from that what you will and have a listen below.



After releasing the epic "All This Citys Problems Are Coming After Me" on our last compilation we also put out the ambient composers debut EP "Supine". A body of finely sculpted horizontal landscapes.

Leit Motif also mixed together our latest edition of our Headroom series and it's been very well received so far over at our Mixcloud account. two hours of patient music to drift off with.

In between all that there's also a previously unreleased track titled "Circadian Rhythm" on the Leit Motif soundcloud. It starts off with a warm fuzz and drones that come and go and it builds towards a cascading, evolving melody and quiet drums that never sit still.



"Skip To Video" was the spoken word piece that Replicator contributed to the compilation. It was a short, quietly visceral and humorous piece that bit back at consumerism. Replicators main output however is hip hop and rap based material. New track, "Hollow", is a background of piano loops and a steady beat with self studying lyrics acting as the centre piece.

There's also an excerpt from a recent Extra Second  poetry open mic night called "Don't Go There" that Replicator performed at.


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