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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Thursday Morning, (Saturday Night) Taylor Swift

Earlier tonight we premiered the music video for Parts 1 and 2 of Intl. Debris' fantastic EP "Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift".

It's a visual interpretation structured around the earthly tones that are conjured up.

"Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift" is an amalgamation of experimental electronics, vaporwave, samples, field recordings and the curious and aberrant sounds that Intl. Debris is consistent with creating. At times the music leans towards the ambient side of things (albeit the experimental edge of the genre) but at no point does it become too chilled. There's way too much going on for you to get into that comfort zone. If you listen closely there's always something waiting to happen around the corner. It's a trip that's broken into six parts. Clocking in at under 25 minutes, it's a short, slightly surreal, but very enjoyable journey into the mind and music of the creator. This music video focuses on Part 1 and 2 from the EP and creates an audio/visual that will tell you a story if you let it.

The EP was released in the last week of December and you can stream it in full and pick up a free download at our bandcamp or below.

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