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Friday, 21 February 2020

Urgula "Frequency Wars" (bc053)

For our second offering of 2020 we're delighted to be able to bring you the "Frequency Wars" EP from Urgula.

'Urgula' is a fresh alias from Glasgow producer John McLaren aka 'Kill Them With Noise'. KTWN is no nonsense, dance floor orientated techno. Things take a more focused and sound design approach with the Urgula alias. The sounds are still sharp and full of drive but come stripped back to their core and given that little bit more space to bounce off each other amid the frequency wars.

This new project puts emphasis on the the much lauded futuristic elements of techno. Spider web like percussion that continuously evolves against glitchy, almost industrial, backdrops with synth lines that stab at the surface and low bass movements that prop up the dystopian terrains. Mechanical music with a human side. 

The EP come backed up with two remixes of "Battle For The Magnetic Fields". A genre bending effort from fellow Glaswegian 'Doxil' and a more contemplative but different take on things from Budapest native, 'Yasda'.

"Urgula’s heavy focus on sound design is present here, with a rich percussive structure aptly married with disconcerting hypnotic melodies."

You can read a stellar write up of the "Frequency Wars" EP over at Monument.

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