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Monday, 23 September 2019

Headroom 16 : Bricolage presents "0141"

Our latest installment in the Headroom series is a special tribute to Glasgow.

Last month we celebrated our 4th anniversary as a label by releasing our '0141' compilation. It's made up entirely of music from local producers.

There's ambient/drone bliss, haunting pianos and soundscapes, experimental sound collages, challenging noise material, dreamy electronica, acid tinged techno, wonky house, cinematic synthwave.

On the latest episode of our extensive Headroom sessions we've mixed together a seamless version of '0141' and to further bulk up the tracklist we've added in a few tunes plucked from some previous releases on Bricolage by Glasgow producers. Everything you hear in this session was made right here in Glasgow.

'0141' has so far raised over £100 for the NHS Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank.

You can donate further by purchasing the compilation from our bandcamp.

Here's to our Dear Green Place.

Listen to the mix either below or at our mixcloud.


01. Iain Bethel - Chambers
02. Broken Form - Lay Still Beneath The Pylons
03. Thousand Wolves - Polygon Or Primitive
04. Fragile X - Losing Dreams To Sleep
05. Justin Case - Nerotic
06. Esef - Viral
07. C4 - Time Span
08. No Arrival - Nudge
09. Ly Tumnus - X
10. Danni Rowan - Heck
11. Kill Them With Noise - UR.GU.LA
12. Wullae Wright - Finish What You Started
13. Dreamland Fantasy - As The Rain Comes Down
14. Alpha Skies - Evergreen Morning
15. Get-Effect - No One Leaves Here Empty Handed
16. Blue Notes - Embers
17. Fragile X - Private Enterprise
18. No Arrival - Love Will
19. Leit Motif - The Keepers Of The Flame
20. Nova Noma - High Rise
21. Justin Case - Napali

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